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Wrestler Gable Steveson follows up his Olympic gold with an NCAA championship before retiring from the WWE.

At the NCAA Championships on Saturday night, Olympic gold medallist Gable Steveson of Minnesota successfully defended his heavyweight championship in his last collegiate battle.

Steveson, who won gold in Tokyo last summer, defeated Arizona State’s Cohlton Schultz 6-2 in the final. Steveson grabbed command right away, getting a takedown in the first few seconds.

He flexed three times to the fans after the game. Fans at Little Caesars Arena chanted his name and encouraged him to execute his signature victory backflip. He flexed again after a flawless execution.

Then he walked to the center of the mat, sat down, and removed his shoes, leaving them there, as wrestlers have done for centuries to signify their retirement. Steveson has won 54 consecutive matches.

In a post-match ESPN interview, he remarked, “I’m done.” “I accomplished what I set out to do.” I was going to win Olympic gold as well as the national championship.”

Steveson’s decision to withdraw from amateur wrestling was a foregone conclusion. He has expressed interest in becoming a professional wrestler and has stated that he will attend WrestleMania in April, despite the fact that he will not be competing.

“I hope I gain many WWE fans when I take the next step,” he said.

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