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Just in: S.K Bagbin Shuts Parliamentarians Once Again.

Alban S.K. Bagbin, Speaker of Parliament, has sent Kofi Attor, Chief of Staff at the Speaker’s Office, and another NDC member to represent him at an international program in Indonesia, despite the absence of his two deputies.

Alban Bagbin is on record as having relegated parliamentary staff and his two deputies to the background; the omission of the two deputy speakers adds to the Speaker’s growing hostility toward his deputies.

Speaker Bagbin, who spent about $170,000 in Dubai for two weeks, chooses Kofi Attor and James Dabaga, his office staff, over his two Deputy Speakers to represent him at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Conference in Bali, Indonesia, from March 20-24.

The conference is high-profile for speakers and leaders from various legislatures. Mr. Bagbin had previously denied using Kofi Attor, a former NDC MP for Ho Central, to represent him in parliament rather than delegating his deputies.

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