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(Video+)”Send Your Account Number Let Me Transfer Money Into It,” Young Man Says He Has 80Million Naira To Spend And Can’t Spend It.

In the aftermath of blood money and ritual taking over Nigeria, a young but wealthy man has wept about how he spent his money on himself the way he desired.

A one-minute video clip has gone viral online, capturing the moment a self-made billionaire laments the inconveniences he faces despite his wealth.

He claims he has only 30 years to spend the sum of 80 billion naira. Then he leaves the living world.

He also atated that he is unable to purchase a car or food for himself, and he requested that the public send their bank account information for charity giving and donation.

“I have 30 years to spend 80 billion, but I can’t buy a car or eat with it, so the only option I have is to dash people, so if you’re broke, send your Aza.” The businessman declares, “Small Body, Big Engine.”

“I have 30 years to spend 80 billion I cannot buy Car or eat with the money the only option I have is to use it to dash people so if you are broke send your Aza” Small Body big engine Businessman declares.

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