‘Alexander-Arnold is like an exhibition,’ says Pep Guardiola, who admires Trent aside wary of his threats.

Pep Guardiola discussed Liverpool ahead of Manchester City’s crucial match against the Reds on Sunday…

“We know we are going to defend parts and sit back,” he said.

“Not because we want but almost impossible for what they do. They make the pitch wider and higher, with quality in the middle.

“Four, five years ago they were more direct, not too much between the lines. Now they have a good build-up with Alisson, Matip, and Thiago drops. Threats in behind, Alexander-Arnold is like an exhibition, deep runners in behind.

“Set pieces, every corner is a threat. The taker is good and the movement, of course.”

Trent will be looking to keep the City defense scrambling on Sunday, with his balls over the top and through balls for the deep runners in behind.


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