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Major Headline Today: Efya is Pregnant, There’s No Doubt. – Video

Efya Nokturnal popularly known as Efya is a Ghanaian songstress and Song-writer who has made headlines after stepping out in town with a tummy that is a little too large, giving her the appearance of being pregnant! A video of Efya walking around town with a baby bump is causing quite a stir, and we’re here to witness it. Fans are divided on the issue, but they all agree that something is wrong.

Efya appears to be pregnant!

The sensational singer embodies a free spirit unrivaled in Ghanaian showbiz.

Efya gives no damn f*ck about being a traditional lady who has to marry and raise children. She’d rather live her life and smoke weed when she gets the chance. Things, however, may be changing. Efya’s tummy appears to be so large that she has inadvertently sparked pregnancy rumors.

On the one hand, some fans believe Efya is unquestionably pregnant. Others believe it could be as simple as her consuming too much banku before going out – something she is prone to doing. Efya is so carefree that she could easily overeat and walk around with a poly tank tummy and not care!

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