Dancing Pallbearers To Donate $250K to Ukraine After Selling Their Meme For A Million Dollars

The Dancing Pallbearers of Ghana have vowed to donate $250,000 to Ukraine from the revenues of the Coffin Dance meme that was just auctioned.

On Saturday, April 9, 3F Music won the bidding round, paying $1,046,079.54 (327.00ETH) for the 10-second meme in one of the most historic Non-Fungible Token (NFT) auctions.

This was after the dancing pallbearers crew created the video meme on April 7.

The money will be sent to Ukrainian charity, according to Benjamin Aidoo, the pallbearers’ commander, to assist alleviate the misery caused by the current war with Russia.

Benjamin Aidoo also thanked the Dubai-based music production business for winning the contract on social media.

The Ghanaian group is alleged to have donated to the Come Back Alive Foundation.

In the year 2020, a gang of young guys transformed funerals into hearty transitions.

The men demonstrated their casket-carrying skills by choreographing a performance, lifting and lowering the casket, and even sitting on the floor if necessary, in videos that went viral.

The meme is now one of the most valuable NFTs in the world, with a bid of $1,046,079.54.

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