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Kwaku Is Indeed Travelling – Netizens React As Black Sherifs’ Song Blasts At An NBA Game In Texas

In his latest song, ‘Kwaku The Wanderer,’ Black Sheriff wasn’t joking when he declared he was a traveler. Since its release, the song has been shattering records and breaking barriers.

In less than two weeks since its debut, the song has topped charts all around the world and has become the most Shazammed song ever.

Another feather in the cap of the young musician has been spotted on social media, and it is quickly trending.

As the Dallas Mavericks prepared to play, Black Sherif’s latest song, “Kwaku The Traveler,” was blasting at the last volume at the stadium.

The song was being played during the Dallas Mavericks’ pregame rotation, as they prepared to meet the Portland Trail Blazers.

It has been a winning streak for Black Sherif, and it appears that nothing, not even Shatta wale’s threats, can stop him from reaching the top.


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