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Trouble Ahead – Black Sherif Sued by Former Manager – Details

After his former manager, Shadrach Agyei Owusu, sued him, Black Sherif, aka Killer Blacko, is in hot water.

Shadrach is the so-called Black Sherif investor who became enraged after signing a new deal with Empire Records.

He has filed a writ with the Accra High Court, seeking an injunction to prevent Sherif from performing at any future events.

He also wants to be compensated for earnings Sherif made on streaming services.

Read the following writ…

Black Sherif Sued Background: 

News went viral two months ago alleging Black Sherif was ungrateful to his manager/investor who made him popular.

DJ Slim, a prominent broadcaster, claimed that Sherif moved out of his manager’s house on the spur of the moment, despite the fact that his manager was instrumental in his rise to fame.

Sherif re-signed with Empire Records, despite the fact that his prior management team was against it.

Black Sherif addressed the controversy in Kwaku the Traveller, in which he infamously asks whoever has never f*cked up to raise their hands.

Of course, no one can raise their hands.

Black Sherif’s former manager has now decided he needs to be sued for the issue to be resolved.

He filed a writ at the Supreme Court demanding four reliefs.

1.Put an order of injunction on Black Sheriff to restrain him and his agents from performing at any events or sign any agreement to perform at any events.

2. Put an order for the preservation of all the money that has accrued to Black Sheriff from online streaming platforms and other revenue sources

3. An order of appointment of a receiver to receive any and all funds that may accrue to Black Sheriff from the use and exploitation of his music and image

4. Any court order the court deems fit.

Black Sherif has officially been sued!

He now has eight days to file his response before the High Court hearing the case.

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