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BEEF Alert! Delay Dares Achipalago To Fight Her Directly And Stop Shading

Deloris Frimpong Manso, also known as Delay, a controversial television personality and entrepreneur, has challenged artist Archipalago to stop throwing indirect shade and attack her directly.

Delay has challenged Archipalago to a fight on her Social media page after he attempted to humiliate artist Amerdao Burna in a recent comment.

In a previous statement, Archipalago poked fun of Delay’s relationship with Amerado. Recall that the two, Delay and Amerado, were spotted together on multiple occasions a few months ago, enjoying the experience and having a good time with each other.

Their proximity generated debate among fans, who wanted to know if the two were in a romantic connection.

In a recent comment, Archipalago stated that he knew the closeness between Delay and Amerado was just for the promotion of the artists’ songs and to make him relevant. In a tweet, he wrote, “Ah u paaaa u think that guy go fii run am…. I told you guys it was just for promo… if you see somebody wey go fii run a somebody a you no dey see?? His confidence level was low”.

Delay lambasted Archipalago and dared him to fight her directly instead of picking on Amerado. She tweeted back, “Archi, if you want someone to pick on, don’t target @Amerado_Burner You and I are from the same place, the trenches! Pick on me, let’s make this happen!”


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