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Oxford University: Three years after being denied admission, a 21-year-old Ghanaian declines a full scholarship from Oxford.

Martin Adams, a 21-year-old man, has turned down a full scholarship to pursue his Masters’s degree at Oxford University.

The young man’s rejection of the scholarship comes three years after he was denied admission to a UK institution.

Martin’s brother, Mark Adams, narrated the story in a LinkedIn post, revealing how, at the age of 18, he applied to study law at Oxford University but was denied admission.

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Martin was 21 years old when he wrote a legal paper that went viral, and prestigious universities began to court him with full master’s scholarships.

Oxford university was one of the universities that invited him to be a student, but he declined and responded with a scathing letter in which he revealed that he had chosen Harvard University instead.

Mark Adams posted a photo of his brother’s letter along with the following message:

”My brother applied to Law at Oxford at 18 & was rejected

At 21 he wrote a legal paper that blew up big time

Every uni sought him out and offered a full scholarship

Including the SAME college that had rejected him before 😳

Here was his response…”

The letter reads;

“Thank you for your kind letter and the offer of a fully paid master’s scholarship at the college. I am truly touched.

“However, I must inform you that your application to me is unsuccessful. In parity with the degree of concern and respect you show all applicants, I will offer you no reason or explanation for why.

Instead, I simply return to you the exact letter you sent to me 3 years ago this month – with your name swapped out for mine and vice versa.

“I have accepted a fully paid scholarship at Harvard and begin in September.

Have a Nice Life!”

young man sends letter to oxford university

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