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Agorogbene in Nigeria: Hilarious As Thief Receives Tasty Noodles And Cornered Beef To Restore Strength For Second Beating Rounds [Watch]

Residents of Agorogbene have given a suspected thief an unusual revival treatment after he was caught stealing electricity cable and beaten.

Residents allegedly fed him well-dressed noodles for him to gain strength for the next round of beating. The incident occurred in Agorogbene, Bayelsa state.

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Good luck, Jonah. Dixie posted the story on Facebook, along with pictures of the thief eating noodles.

agorogbene thief

He wrote;

”Whahala no they Finnish ooh, this one come shock me. Why my community nepa light electrification cables, this very two criminal’s named Mr preye Ayase and one Mr. Ringo threaded all from amasoma community silica, was caught red-handed by my self and the active vigilante and the youths of Agorogbene community, at the early hours of today being the 20th of April 2022 Agorogbene/Ogobiri road, in the process of vandalizing Nepa light electrification cables.”

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