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Facebook employees say Mark Zuckerberg is weirdly obsessed with the Metaverse

The metaverse is looking less and less exciting all the time with brands hosting bizarre events nobody wants to attend, but the slew of companies bringing VR realities to life certainly aren’t failing for a lack of trying. In fact, employees at Facebook say founder and company head Mark Zuckerberg obsessed.

“[It’s] the only thing Mark wants to talk about,” an anonymous former director-level employee told Business Insider in a new report published today.

According to the report, Zuckerberg is focused solely on metaverse content creation but says the project will take a decade or more to complete, likely requiring improvements to the Oculus Quest 2, also called Meta Quest 2 since Facebook purchased Oculus and later changed its name. Despite the project’s scope, Zuckerberg isn’t giving employees a clear strategy, but he still wants to inform every department company-wide about the pivot to focusing on the metaverse.

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The result is internal chaos, BI reports.

It’s not a given Zuckerberg’s laser focus will pay off. Facebook’s habit of acquiring tech and apps it envies then reducing their popularity because of design and algorithm choices is pretty solid, so it would be unfortunate if Zuckerberg made the metaverse clunky and boring.

Meta’s plan to help advertisers on the platform make bank could ruin the potential fun for everyone by executing a good idea badly.


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