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“I owe Ghanaians NO apology for saying the truth that church money isn’t for the sick” – Akwasi Awuah

Akwasi Awuah, an evangelist in Ghana, is a renowned man of God. He is the founder and senior pastor of Pillar of Zion Church International.

Evangelist Akwasi Awuah’s statement that the Church does not use its resources to cater to its members has sparked outrage among many individuals.

Nothing can stop Evangelist Akwasi from expressing the truth, according to him, and Ghanaians should understand that he is here to save souls for Christ, not to provide money and assets to church members.

Last night, Awuah told his Kumasi congregation that the church existed to bring lost souls to God’s kingdom.

Providing money and other stuff, on the other hand, is merely a gesture of goodwill. The main task on earth, according to evangelist Akwasu Awuah, is to care for and nurture souls so that God is pleased.

“I raise my hand to say that, God did not call me to give money and properties. But to save lost souls. You can have the money and when you die without everlasting life or salvation, your mission on earth is useless.

“Radio stations will not play my messages for people to repent, but they are ready to discuss what I said. During the time of Covid, I distributed a lot of food items to Ghanaians.

“That is just a help. But the main assignment is to preach the pure word of God and not to give money to church members”. – Evangeslist Akwasi Awuah insisted.

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