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“My driver earns twice as much as a graduate working at Agric Bank” – Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong, a Ghanaian parliamentarian, has declared that it is past time for us to acknowledge individuals who labor in the informal sector because they earn more money than degrees.

Ghanaians underestimate these group of people, according to the MP who represents the people of Assin Central in parliament, but have no idea how much money they make on a daily basis.

Mr. Agyapong used his own cousin, who works at an Agric bank, as a case study, claiming that his driver makes more than the teller at the bank.

“Can you tell me how much money you make as a nurse?” You assume a carpenter, mason, or plumber didn’t go to school when you see them. They have a higher salary than nurses.

“I took my niece to Agric Bank, a graduate, and she earns GHC1,700 after taxes, a graduate.” “However, my driver earns twice as much as a graduate working at Agric Bank,” he acted boldly as contained ina video shared online.

He rightly pointed out that graduates look down on those in occupations like carpentry and plumbing out of ignorance as they have no idea they make a lot of money.

“So, if a plumber obtains a contract from me and charges GHC50,000, GHC100,000, and makes a 15% margin…

How many of you have a monthly income of GHC7,500? When you put on your tie and suit and encounter a carpenter or plumber in soiled clothes, you show him disdain.”

As a result, he encouraged nurses to focus on husbands who work in the business field.

“You’re making a mistake, my friend.” The artisans make good money, so if you’re a nurse looking for a husband, look at plumbers and carpenters rather than grads…”

The politician and business mogul then stated that Ghana requires more entrepreneurs than politicians.

“In order for Ghana to progress, we need more entrepreneurs than politicians.” Because, if I open a business and hire 20 workers, consider how many politicians can hire 20 people… If you’re still living with your parents, save at least 70% of your income, even if you work and receive a monthly salary. “There will be no better tomorrow if you don’t postpone today’s expenditures until tomorrow,” he emphasized.

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