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Wahala As Nigerian Male Twins Reportedly Marry One Bride, Netizens React (VIDEO)

A video showing a pair of Nigerian twins marrying one bride has gone viral, eliciting a flurry of comments.

The male twins were seen standing with their bride-to-be while spectators encircled them in a video uploaded by popular Instagram blog Gossipmillltv.

People who had attended the event were seen praying for the newlyweds as they prepared to embark on their marriage adventure.

Two female twins may agree to marry one man, but two male twins agreeing to marry one lady has generated controversy on the photo and video sharing platform.

Watch the video below;

See some comments below;

wisdomcounsellin commented; This is against biblical order “one man, one wife”. How is this even acceptable? Tems was indeed right, crazy things are happening

iamlacrown wrote; I would have said awesome but to be honest what a Threesome marriage 😂😂😂😂

king_djrash wrote; They will take turn na, na you go chop her this night, let me drink Jedi to run my own tomorrow lol 😂 mad set of people

fredycj also wrote: So this twins agreed to do this and the girl accepted….. I can never understand this.

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