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Leaked Video of Lulu Hassan and Rashid Having S£x In Citizen TV Studio Causes Stir(Watch)

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah, husband, and wife of Citizen TV reporters, have made headlines on social media after a video of them having s3x in public inside Citizen TV studios was leaked to networks.

Rashid Abdallah, the main witness, and recorder of the dirty video, became very drunk when he had to go to his Citizen Nipashe show, where he saw his wife Lulu because they both have one host show, according to the main witness and recorder of the dirty video.

Abdallah has arrived. When Rashid noticed his wife began to caress and ki$$ her, Lulu shyly tried to get out but failed, and Rashid violently pulled her and placed her on the table where they usually announce Nipashe’s news, took off her underwear and began having s£x.

Lulu Hassan and Husband

Lulu Hassan’s love for her husband Rashid Abdalla has blossomed since they met in Radio Salaam in 2007. Lulu Hassan is a well-known television moderator in Kenya. Was Lulu Hassan, on the other hand, pure and virgin before marrying Rashid Abdalla?

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Rashid has emerged from a late meeting to reveal the fairly interesting news that everyone will need to know.

“Good gracious, I knew my significant other in that sense solely after marriage. I have the white fabric that is a verification of her virginity on our wedding night. major cringe I needed to secure her honor.” he said

“It is a significant piece of the story. That material advises me that she is a lady of temperance. Individuals would see her out there-excellent, outgoing person. She is an entertainer as well, and lies and bits of hearsay flourished. This was confirmation to me, Not that I was with her for her virginity, I had fallen head over heels for her quintessence”

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah have been honored with a child boy. They have been low, particularly during humdinger Hassan’s shocking mishap back in 2010, but that is generally before.

Due to right infringement, the video has been taken off this platform.

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