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Watch Video of Evangelist Mama Pat Dishing Out Hot Insults to a Caller Who Called Her a Scammer on Live Radio

Recently repented, born-again evangelist Mama Pat continues to take centre stage in religious controversies as she can’t shake off her old ways.

Now, in a new development, evangelist Mama Pat has gone viral again in a new video after she insulted a caller on live radio.

Responding to the caller who boldly called her names for doing the work of God as a woman of God, the evangelist could not keep her calm.

Now dead irritated by the accusations from the caller, the sober evangelist quickly switched to vawulence.

In fact, it was evident the insult really entered her.

When cautioned by a co-presenter to stop with the insults, she got more infuriated as she tried to justify her actions.

Watch the video below.

However, many are not surprised, as the evangelist has reiterated her position regarding people who insult her.

According to her, none of such inconsiderate people will escape her unfiltered insults, and that’s on period!

On God, we encourage evangelist mama pat to stay true to herself and continue to give us more vawulence.

As things stand, she is already a joke to many, and nothing can ever change that.

We believe she already knows this, which explains her unbothered attitude towards her doubters.


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