HOT GOSSIP: Nana Agradaa Busted Red-Handed Performing Rituals on her Church Members – [Video]

Mama Pat, the fetish priestess formerly known as Agradaa, has been captured red-handed performing rituals on members of her congregation.

While no one was looking, Nana Agradaa sprayed a powdered material on her congregation.

Everything was caught on camera and released online in order to expose the alleged scammer.

Agradaa recently repented of her deception, exchanging her komfo (priestess) job for that of a preacher.

Naysayers claim she’s simply switched from one type of fraud to another, swindling people through her church.

Agradaa claims to be a changed lady who is just concerned with promoting the gospel of Christ.

Her behaviors appear to indicate contrary, as evidenced by the video.

In our traditional religious setting, spreading powder with handkerchiefs is a common method of dispersing specific charms.

Critics believe the video reveals what they’ve suspected all along: Agradaa is still a fraud, using Christ to accomplish what she used to do with her idols.

Agradaa’s business model isn’t that hard to see – many so-called men of God are making millions performing miracles and selling false hope.

Watch the video below…

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