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See why ‘Doggy’ is still the top trend on Twitter – Details

Since Friday, April 29, 2022, the word “Doggy” has been at the top of Twitter trends, and there are saddening stories behind why the word is being discussed on the microblogging platform.

The term rose to the top of Twitter trends after videos of young ladies sleeping with the dogs of wealthy men in Dubai surfaced online.

Young girls of this generation will do anything to keep up with the expensive travels, shopping, and flaunting of their properties on social media.

The videos have sparked online debates with people condemning the act, but it appears that most of them would welcome it with open arms if given the chance.

According to the majority of the ladies who claim to have been involved with wealthy Arab men, they do it for the money and would do it again if the pay was higher.

One lady revealed that she is enjoying the 1.4 million naira she earned from her encounter with a dog.

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