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Watch as people rush for fuel in Kumasi as a fuel tanker flips into a gutter [Video]

On Sunday afternoon, a fuel tanker that overturned into a gutter in Kaase, a Kumasi suburb, sparked a mad rush for fuel.

In the video posted on social media, some Ghanaians who don’t seem to learn from anything were seen with their respective rubbers, gallons rushing to where the tanker had overturned to fetch from it some of its fuel.

Some Ghanaians do not appear to be learning from previous tragic events that claimed the lives of several people.

The recent Apiatse incident, in which about 15 people died after an articulation carrying mining explosives collided and caught fire, is a good example.

Those who thought they could capture the moment by getting close to the burning car died, and it appears that residents of Kaase are risking their lives over fuel that won’t last a lifetime.

Video below;

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