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Bridget Otoo Lashes Bawumia While Fighting Foo1 Soldiers After Paying Ghc127.5 In E-Levy Charges On A Bank Transaction

After she complained about paying Ghc127.5 in E-levy charges on a bank transaction, Bridget Otoo has criticized Dr. Bawumia as she fights NPP fool soldiers over E-levy deduction.

Bridget Otoo tweeted a screenshot of the amount withdrawn from her account for E-levy costs, bemoaning how high they are, and some NPP dumb soldiers chose to attack her because the transaction date doesn’t match her argument.

Bridget Otoo, in response to that shaded Dr. Bawumia, said that despite all of his lectures, he hasn’t taught his fool soldiers how bank transactions work on holidays and weekends, and that they’re displaying their ignorance by attacking her for saying the E-levy amount is too high.

If you have ever done bank transactions on holidays and weekends, you will realize that the ATM receipts give different dates because the IT men aren’t available to operate on them, which is why Bridget Otoo’s own has a different date and these NPP fool soldiers are simply unaware of it.

This means Dr. Bawumia has a lot of internal work to do, such as educating his fool soldiers on some topics before sending them out to battle blindly in the name of defending their party, even if they are demonstrating their ignorance.

Below is a screenshot;

Source: Ghnewsfile.Com

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