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“I Can’t Be Your Sugar Mommy, You Will Die of Hunger” – Kisa Gbekle Warns Sugar Boys

Kisa Gbekle has warned those nagging in her comments section to be her sugar mommy.

It’s reasonable that Kisa Gbekle is experiencing difficulties because she is regarded as one of Ghana’s most attractive actresses. Most men would be delighted to join her on a night out in the city.

However, Kisa Gbekle made it obvious to them that she did not have a single cedi to give them and that they should shun her.

“All the young boys in my DM saying I want to be your sugar baby and mommy, please you would be hungry. Is hunger that will finish you, because money I no get, one cedi I no get you will die of hunger.

“Stop saying I want to be your sugar baby. I can’t be your sugar mommy you will die of hunger”; Kisa Gbekle said.

Watch the video below:

Source: Ghnewsfile.Com

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