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MAKEUP GOES WRONG: I spent £55,000 to become a ‘human Barbie,’ but my transformation cost me my family relationship.

A WOMAN WHO SPENT MORE THAN £55,000 to transform herself into a ‘human Barbie‘ has been cut off from her family.

Jessica, also known on social media as Jessy Bunny, has had three breast augmentations in three years, but she still doesn’t understand why her family has abandoned her.

“They’re blocking my calls,” she told Austrian newspaper Heute.

“This is extremely unfortunate because I would love to communicate with my family, particularly my brother and grandparents.

“I keep texting, but no one responds.

“I just don’t understand why they act like that because my physical appearance has changed.”

In addition to her boob jobs, Jessy has had operations to straighten her nose, increase the size of her buttocks, and plump up her lips.

And she has no intention of stopping there, as she told Heute: “I could see myself undergoing a number of additional surgeries.

“I’m not going to be satisfied with having the largest silicone breasts in Austria.

“I, too, desire the most voluminous lips in the country.”

The 21-year-old went on to say that as a child, she had never felt comfortable in her own skin.

“I pretended to be cool and solid, but I was never,” she explained.

“My hair was short and dark, and I was pierced and had dreadlocks. That was not, however, my true self.”

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