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3ka Aba Fie: Man Who Spent Over GHC 50K So His Wife Can Deliver Abroad Finds Out The Baby Isn’t His After The Child Was Born

After spending so much money to have his wife deliver the baby abroad, a man has discovered that the child is not even his.

This sad story was shared on Facebook, and according to the story, the man paid a whopping N3 million (GHC 54554) for the baby to be delivered abroad, but received the shock of his life.

The post reads;

“He spent up to 3 million naira to send his wife abroad so that she can have safe delivery and their child having dual nationality. Thanks to God, the wife deliver safely and return back to Nigeria 2 months ago, oga asked for the child birth certificate, she was posting him, giving irrelevant excuses. A month ago, oga search her box, he saw the birth certificate of his daughter. Lo and behold, the lady used another surname for the child. Immediately oga knew there was a problem. He immediately run a DNA test and the results came out negative. He is not the biological father of the child. The lady actually use the surname of the real father on the birth certificate. Oga is devasted right now. About 3.5 million naira gone like that. Meanwhile, this lady posted their wedding pictures on Facebook last year saying “I marry my best friend”
Oga called me and said, Osazee, what should I do?”

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