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Vawulence In The Building – Angry Blogger Releases Mr Logic’s Indecent Photo After Verbally Attacking Her

Emmanuel Barnes, also known as Mr Logic, an entertainment critic, producer, and musician, and blogger Aba The Great are clashing.

The two are making fun of themselves because of a controversy sparked by actress Nana Fremah, who recently threatened suicide. Actress Nana Fremah caused a sensation on May 1st when she posted a shocking suicide note online.

Following that, blogger Aba The Great provided additional insight into the story, claiming Mr Logic was the reason Nana Fremah became suicidal.

She recounted a conversation in which Mr. Logic verbally attacked Nana Fremah over the radio. Mr. Logic insulted Aba after she revealed his secret. He has referred to her and her followers as dumb nitwits.

Now, Aba  The Great is ready for a brawl!

She has threatened to deal with Mr Logic harshly, and she has begun with his obscene photo.

Check out the photo below;

Source: Ghnewsfile

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