Avraham Ben Moshe Exposes ‘Stup*d Scammer’ Agradaa for Burying Juju Under Her New Church – Video

Avraham Ben Moshe, the Common Sense Family’s leader, has reportedly disclosed that Nana Agradaa buried Juju under her church.

The stunning information was made public via the video-sharing app TikTok, where all of the most recent 411 appear to be taken. In his confession, Avraham Ben Moshe made it clear to Nana Agradaa that he was well aware of all her malicious intentions against him.

Her evil tactics include burying juju under her church to spiritually attract people to her egotistical ministry. When it came to her spiritual struggle, Avraham Ben Moshe dared Nana Agradaa not to put him to the test.

He forewarned her that he could match her boot for boot. Avraham Ben Moshe made no concessions for his spiritual viewpoint while matching Nana Agradaa.

While declaring war, he reinforced his own spiritual fortification. During their conflict, Avraham advised Nana Agradaa to be cautious about how she runs her mouth concerning her stup*d fraud.

Check out everything Avraham said in the link to TikTok below.


Despite the fact that Avraham’s war with Nana Agradaa has only lasted 24 hours, netizens are confident that a response will arrive soon.

See a few of their reactions below.

At this point, a confrontation between Avraham Ben Moshe and Nana Agradaa might be too much for the latter.

The fact is that she hasn’t taken a breather in weeks because she has been assaulted on social media from every angle.

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