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Agya Koo, After 10 years of ‘beef,’ Kumawood Movie Director begs Him.

After ten years of animosity, popular Kumawood director Frank Fiifi Gharbin has issued an unequivocal apology to Alex Kofi Adu Mensah, also known as Agya Koo.

After the controversial Okomfo Anokye movie, produced by Paul Gee Movie production, there was a misunderstanding between Agya Koo and Frank Fiifi Gharbin.

Agya Koo revealed on the Kumasi-based Angel Fm Drive Time show hosted by Ike De Unpredictable and monitored by ghnewsfile.com that Director Frank Fiifi Gharbin wanted him (Agya Koo) to go naked and shoot a scene in the Okomfo Anokye movie but he refused after consulting with some elders at Manhyia Palace.

Agya Koo explained that Kumawood Movie Industry Directors and Producers plotted against him and sidelined him from lead movie roles after he refused to go naked in the said film.

“Ike, I’m not here to explain issues or defend myself,” Frank Fiifi Gharbin said on Angel Fm Entertainment Show hosted by Ike De Unpredictable. Because Agya Koo is my elder brother, I must humble myself and accept my mistakes.”

“After what happened between me and my brother Agya Koo, people, including some directors and producers, tried to resolve the issue several times, but I believe now is the time to apologize to Agya Koo.” On live radio, Frank Fiifi Gharbin begged.

“I accept responsibility for everything that happened during the shooting of Okomfo Anokye Movie because I directed it.” “I will not blame anyone, but all I want to say to my brother Agya Koo is to forgive me so that we can work together to strengthen the pillars of the Kumawood Movie Industry,” he continued.

“People created confusion between Agya Koo and I because he was the best actor and a legend and I was the best director in the Kumawood Movie Industry, so Ghanaians love watching Agya Koo Movies I directed.”

“I want my brother Agya Koo to forgive me and see me as his younger brother on behalf of FIPAG PRO Mawule Ekpe Peter Abro, Ike De Unpredictable, Amandzeba, Dr. Kwaku Oteng, and crew members who helped the shooting of Okomfo Anokye Movie Industry.”

“We need teamwork, love, and unity to revitalize the Kumawood Movie Industry because Ghanaians are expecting us and we cannot disappoint them,” he added.

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