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Ibrah One Reacts To Video Of Him Running Mad In The Street

Ibrah One, a self-acclaimed millionaire, has responded to a video of him allegedly running around outside of Ghana, claiming that he is not the one and that the video is fake.

Not too long ago, a video surfaced of Ibrah wandering around the streets of Niger which got many wondering what has gone wrong for him.

In the videos that surfaced on social media, Ibrah One was seen wearing a dirty white singlet and jeans shorts while walking like he lost his senses.

Ibrah One debunked the rumors of being mad outside Ghana in a supposed chat with a blogger, saying he’s not the one and the video is fake, and we have no choice but to believe him because the video wasn’t clear enough to confirm he was the one.

Some people believe Ibrah One is mad because of his social media posts, so seeing a video of him allegedly being mad wasn’t surprising, and now he’s claiming he’s not the one in the video and that it’s a hoax.

Screenshot below;

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