Thomas Partey [email protected] Chilling With British [email protected] Queen – Fans Accuse Him Of Cheating On Fiancee [Video]

Since its release, a video of Ghanaian footballer Thomas Teye Partey has caused controversy on social media.

The Arsenal player was spotted in his car with a Bristh slay queen. The footage has fueled cheating rumors about Partey because the woman seen in his car was not his fiancée.

In the video, Thomas Partey is seen driving while the stunning British slay queen takes photos of their lovey-dovey moment together. They sat in the car with their hands clasped together, as if they were a couple.

Because their behavior in the video was too evident to ignore, many assume Thomas Partey is in a private relationship with this lady. Partey has a long-term partner who was not the woman in the video.

The obvious question is who the lady Partey was chilling with in the video.

Watch the video below.

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