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Volta Lake not safe for fishing at the moment – GMA warns

Felicity Ahafianyo, Chief Forecaster at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, has issued a warning that the Volta Lake will be unsafe for fishing from Tuesday to Thursday, advising anglers to proceed with caution.

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, she told 3FM Sunrise Morning Show that a storm is approaching Ghana from Nigeria, and that all things being equal, there will be rain showers along the coastal belt, including Accra.

The state of the sea is supposed to be rough and it’s going to maintain till Thursday. So today, tomorrow and Thursday the sea is going to be rough; so the fisher folk should be extra careful. For the Volta Lake, this is the time that the storms are brooding over their area so they have to go on fishing, they have to contact us on 0302777172 for information on when the storm would leave.” Felicity stated.

Koforidua, Akyim Oda, Keta Krachi, Kintampo, Obuasi, Ho, and Kumasi, according to the agency, are expected to receive 50% of the rainfall, so residents should be aware.

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