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Chris Rock wants $3 million to speak out about Will Smith’s slap and reveal Jada Pinkett Smith’s secrets.

Chris Rock isn’t going to talk about Will Smith slapping him on television during the Oscars for nothing. He wants to be paid a lot of money before going on television to talk about it, but how much does he want?

According to Marca, Chris Rock will accept $3 million to sit and talk about the Oscars slap. Oprah Winfrey is one well-known television personality who is willing to pay for a Chris Rock interview.

Many people wonder when the comedian will explain what he was feeling at the time. But everything comes at a cost. And Rock has stated that he will not discuss what happened unless he is paid millions of dollars.

The presenter of the Hollywood Academy Awards gala would be paid $3 million to sit on a TV set and explain what happened.

There would already be celebrities on the show willing to pay those fees to listen to Chris Rock. One of them is well-known host Oprah Winfrey.

For the time being, the comedian is enjoying success with his Ego Death tour across the United States. In just a few weeks, his performances have earned him a substantial sum of money.

Meanwhile, Will Smith traveled to India in order to strengthen his spirituality following the public outrage over his slap.

Chris Rock is wise to want to make a lot of money off of Will Smith’s Oscar slap. I believe he will settle for a million dollars. You always start higher than what you expect from others.

He might not want to wait too long because Will Smith is rumored to be lining up some interviews and wants to get his side of the story out first to appear more sympathetic.

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