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Emotions Run High as Fish Seller Breaks Down in Tears after Honest Taxi Diver Returned Ghc 8,000 She Forgot in his Car

It’s extremely hard to be honest in a country that’s as harsh to live in as Ghana but a taxi driver did just that and earned a fish seller’s gratitude for life.

The honest taxi driver, probably the last honest man in Ghana, returned the amount of Ghc 8,000 to a trader who left it in his taxi.

The moment he returned her money to her, the woman broke down in tears and showered gratitude upon him.

According to reports, the woman sells fish at Mallam Atta Market in Accra.

She boarded a taxi with the amount on her, probably proceeds from a day of trading.

The woman forgot the money in the taxi as she was disembarking.

She became fraught with worry as she thought the money was gone forever.

From her reactions, losing that money would have come with very dire consequences to her life.

Considering how difficult it is to survive in Ghana too, it’s impractical to expect anyone who finds that money to honestly return it.

Luckily, the money was left in the taxi of the last honest man in Ghana and he returned it to her.

The woman broke down in tears after receiving the cash, signifying how relieved she was.

Watch the video below…

This is what should go viral – and the taxi driver should be rewarded by some corporation or government or somebody – anybody!

Ghana is hard and his honesty must be rewarded else the next taxi driver might just decide to take everything for himself.


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