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“Daniel broke my heart,” she said, After sending £20,000 to a scammer she had fallen for, shattered widow claims.

When Daniel finally stated that he was returning to Leeds, Debbie went to pick him up from the airport. She knew something was wrong when she didn’t see him.

“At this point, I began to panic; everyone was correct, but I was incorrect.” “I just lost £20,000,” she explained.

When she arrived at the address Daniel had given her in Leeds, she realized it was nothing like he had described.

“I couldn’t deal with the heartbreak,” she continued.

When Daniel finally contacted Debbie, he claimed that he had been detained by Istanbul police for money laundering because he was carrying a large amount of cash on him.

Someone claiming to be from the Turkish authorities contacted her to identify his documents. Debbie, on the other hand, was not convinced and did not participate because she believed he was a con artist.

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