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Fishmonger Gifts Taxi Driver Two ‘Opoku’ Fish and Cash after Returning Ghc 8,400 She Left in his Taxi

The Mallam Atta fish seller, who broke down in tears after an honest taxi driver returned the huge sum of Ghc 8,400 she left in his car, has given him some fish.

The fishmonger gave the taxi driver, Isaac Ackon, two big Opoku fish as well as Ghc 500 for fuel. Abeiku Santana, a veteran Ghanaian journalist, revealed the lady’s donation on the radio.

Earlier this week, the taxi driver’s actions went viral. He picked up the fishmonger for a drop, and she left her folded cloth filled with Ghc 8,400 in sales proceeds in the car by mistake.

While many would have pocketed the money, this taxi driver went back to the woman’s house and returned it to her.

The fishmonger’s emotions of appreciation and relief were captured on video, and the video quickly went viral. They indicated that she was distraught over losing the money.

The video has given the taxi driver wealth and fame, and he has since received numerous donations as a result of his honesty.

Dr Bawumia, the Vice President, has given him Ghc 20,000, and KiDi, the VGMA Artiste of the Year, has also contributed Ghc 5,000. The fishmonger contributed by adding some fish and Ghc 500.

Check out Abeiku’s reveal below…

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