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Pictures of actor Wayoosi dressed as a lady cause a huge uproar

Wayoosi, an award-winning Ghanaian Kumawood actor, has caused a massive stir on the local digital space with his fast trending pictures.

In this bizarre set of photos, the veteran actor was fully dressed as a woman, wearing a well-tailored “Kaba and slit.”

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Wayoosi adorned his face with heavy makeup to make him appear more feminine, as if his unusual attire wasn’t enough.

Wayoosi complemented his feminine appearance by wearing a wig to complete his overall female appearance.

Although the photo was taken with the intention of cracking ribs, some Ghanaians argue that it is a prominent way to promote the infamous LGBTQ.

Dressing like a woman, as some social media users suggested, is a big no-no for someone of Wayoosi’s caliber because he’s a celebrity and some members of the LGBTQ community can proudly say he’s one of them.

See the image below


Wayoosi should address these ‘trumu trumu’ allegations as soon as possible before they tarnish his hard-earned reputation.

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