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Benedicta Gafah Trends as She Celebrates Boyfriend of 3 Years Alleged to Be Hajia4Real’s Ex

Benedicta Gafah, an actress, has sparked outrage on social media after celebrating three years of a happy relationship with an unknown boyfriend.

According to Benedicta Gafah, today, May 16th marks exactly 3 years of her relationship.

She reveals how well her boyfriend, whom she refers to as Mr Y, treats her. He’s turned her into the happiest woman on the planet. While sharing a video of herself chilling with her man, the actress revealed this.

We have no idea who Benedicta Gafah is referring to, though. She has kept her relationship with him a secret. Meanwhile, an Instagram gossip page has listed several people who might be the man Gafah is referring to.

They named GH Kwaku, Nana Doe, and Hajia 4 Real’s ex-boyfriend, claiming that one of them might be the man who fulfills Sister Bene’s wishes.

Benedicta Gafah and Hajia 4 Real’s ex-boyfriend made headlines a few years ago after it was rumored that Bene had snatched Hajia 4 Real’s man.

Check out the video below;

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