German Based Ghanaian Pastor Hot after Being Busted For Chopping Wrong Meat – Video

After becoming embroiled in an embarrassing case of fornication, a Ghanaian pastor has embarrassed himself and his church.

The pastor, whose identity is not yet known, is the resident pastor of the Faith Pentecostal Ministries church in Germany. The pastor is seen trying to avoid an impending confrontation in a viral video that has gone viral on social media.

The pastor moves quickly to avoid a man who claims the alleged pastor slept with his wife. The aggrieved took his phone and recorded the aftermath of his confrontation as a painful reaction to the unfortunate incident.

In the video, two people are seen attempting to cover the pastor as he flees shame in a corner of a room with the church name written on it.

When the enraged man chasing the pastor asked why the preacher was shielded, he became enraged at the disrespectful remarks he overheard. The man fights back fiercely, blasting the pastor and calling the entire church operation a fake.

Check out the video below.

Netizens have also expressed shock and disgust in solidarity with the victims of the video. Given how quickly the video has spread, it’s likely that more fascinating facts will surface for clarification.

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