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Reactions 0f A Man Who Discovers A Photograph Of His Parents At Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo’s Wedding In 1999 Causes Stir

A man sparked outrage after sharing a photo of his parents at the wedding of celebrated actor Kanayo O. Kanayo married his wife Nneka Onyekwere in 1999.

According to a young man on Twitter known as @phillyf_, he discovered a photograph of his parents at Kanayo’s white wedding over 20 years ago.

In a group photo, the actor’s parents posed with him and his wife.

“Just found this picture of my parents at Kanayo O. Kanayo’s wedding and I’m obsessed,” he captioned the post, which has since gotten a lot of attention.

See reactions;

@Nebukadnezzarr; Nobi say i wan make an atrocious claim Ooo!!..i just wan make u clear me.. How manage you come resemble Kanayo O Kanayo?

@Black__Goldd; Your mum is serving lewksssss!

@Yourqueen_M_O_; How you come take resemble kanayo?

@Odogwu_Jessy; Your parents dressed more than the couple . Your mum na Fashion woman.

@lady_kusturica; I don’t understand…. Who’s the couple Abi na who are the couples.

Source: ghnewsfile.com

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