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Jada Pinkett Smith Wishes She Could Have Been Persuaded Not To Marry Will Smith; “She Made A Mistake”

Jada Pinkett Smith believes her marriage to Will Smith should not have happened, that their relationship that led to the marriage was a mistake and that anyone in their right mind would have stopped her from dating Will Smith when they first started dating.

Showbiz Cheatsheet states:

Most people are aware that Jada Pinkett Smith was not Smith’s first wife. Smith was married to Sheree Zampino in the 1990s. Smith and Zampino would eventually split up after a rough patch. Even though he and Zampino were not romantically involved when Smith dated Jada Pinkett Smith, they were still legally married. As a result, Jada Pinkett Smith questioned their initial romance.

“The beginning was rough between us,” she once said on Red Table Talk (via UPI). “And here’s what I’ll say in retrospect: I didn’t understand divorce because I didn’t understand marriage.” I’ll admit that I should have backed down.”

Her marriage to Smith would later influence her view of Smith’s situation with Zampino.

“Now that I’m a married woman, and if Will and I divorce now my God,” she continued. “So when I think back to where I was, some of my insensitivity, some of my inconsideration, just in regards to you guys unwinding a marriage,” she says.

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When asked what kind of advice she’d give her children about marriage, Jada Pinkett Smith said she didn’t think she’d give them any. Because, in retrospect, she might have been relieved that no one expressed an opinion about her dating Smith. Especially since she was confident that most people would have advised her against collaborating with the celebrity.

“They [Jaden and Willow Smith] have to find their way in terms of that because I’m going to tell you, you gotta be real careful with that because if anyone was in their right mind, they would’ve told me not to date Will when I did,” they she explained. “He was going through a divorce!” Fresh! “I would never advise anyone to do that,” she once told E-News.

“But you have no idea what your fate is,” she went on. “In retrospect, that was not a wise decision.” But everything worked out just fine.”

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s marriage is gradually crumbling, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they filed for divorce in court.

View the video below to find out why Will and Jada Pinkett think getting married was a bad idea.

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