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Tattoo model Essie goes [email protected] to flaunt ink after slamming trolls [+Photos]

Stunning tattoo model and social media star Essie gave fans a good view of her inkings in her latest snap.

The influencer, who boasts 48,100 Instagram followers, took to the site to share the s3xy snap.

It saw the blonde bombshell writhe around naked on a hotel bed as she displayed her black ink tattoos.

Essie, from the US, made sure she covered her intimate areas however with the bedsheets.

The snap saw her display various tattoos, including her barbed wire design around her thigh, as well as her butterfly and tiger inkings on her chest.

Captioning the snap, the model teased: “Tats look great in these hotel sheets.”

It seemed like fans agreed, with the post racking up more than 3,000 likes.

One admirer gushed: “In love with you,” as another joked the photo had become their “new screensaver”.

Meanwhile a third branded the image “hot” as another confessed: “I wasn’t ready.”

The post comes after Essie stripped off earlier this week to show off her new inking.

The blonde beauty whipped off her top and bra as she revealed her new back tattoo.

She was seen piling back her curled locks back so fans could get a better view of the inking, which was created from black ink.

Fans were loving the new addition, as one told her: “Absolutely lovely ink,” while another exclaimed: “Your tattoos are f**king fire.”

Essie also hit headlines back in March this year for slamming trolls who “belittle” her.

She said that often people think you should ‘get used’ to trolls if you’re a social media star.

However, the influencer says she will never be comfortable with being “belittled” online and said people shouldn’t “normalise” the behaviour.

Addressing her fans at the time, she wrote: “They say that if you’re going to expose yourself to being in the public eye or if you’re going to put yourself out on the internet that you should get use to hate, trolls, rude comments, etc.

“I’ve been on social media for 5+ years and I will never get use to being belittled online. I will never get used to hateful comments.”

She continued: “You shouldn’t be forced to ‘normalise’ that type of behaviour. That’s why I try to use the platform I have to be kind and understanding. I put myself out there so others can relate and not feel so alone or in the hopes that a video of mine will make someone laugh or smile because that’s MY passion.

“Have empathy. Be kind. Spread happiness and maybe that happiness will reflect back onto you and your life.”

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