Man who tried running across the stones at the top of a waterfall falls & slams into bed of rocks – Video

A viral video captures the moment a man’s stunt goes horribly wrong when he falls down a waterfall and slams into a bed of rocks.

The video shows the man sliding down the waterfall and bouncing on a bed of rocks.

The incident happened at China’s Jiujinggou scenic spot in Susong County.

“He is falling down! Oh my god!” an onlooker is heard saying in the video.

When the man lost his balance while attempting to run across the stones at the top of the waterfall, he slid down the water at a high rate.

The area is a no-go zone, and there are warning signs posted there. The man, however, insisted on performing the stunt.

“This is why you should respect warning signs,” the video is captioned.

Watch the video below:

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