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Elon Musk responds to allegations that he ‘propositioned a flight attendant for sex’.

Elon Musk claims that a sexual harassment claim against him was made up by a “far-left activist/actress in LA with a significant political ax to grind.”

The Tesla CEO hit back at claims in Insider that he paid $250,000 in severance to a SpaceX employee who accused him of exposing himself to her. Tesla is in the process of buying Twitter for $44 billion.

Those allegations were made by a friend of the suspected worker.

Musk, the world’s richest man, called the ‘wild charges’ leveled against him ‘utterly wrong,’ and responded ‘exactly’ to a Twitter user who said Musk was the target of an establishment hit piece.

‘But I have a challenge for this liar who claims their friend saw me “exposed” – explain just one thing, anything at all (scars, tattoos,…) that isn’t known to the general public,’ Elon Musk wrote.

‘She won’t be able to because it never happened,’ says the author.

Musk also denied replying to Insider’s request for comment on the exclusive, despite the site claiming this is incorrect and pointing to a quotation Musk allegedly provided for the original piece before publication.

‘No, it was evident that their primary purpose was a hit price to sabotage the Twitter acquisition,’ he said. ‘I wrote the story before they even spoke to me.’

Musk has already tweeted a jest about the issue, writing: ‘Finally, we get to use Elongate as a scandal name.’ It’s almost ideal.

Musk’s SpaceX allegedly paid $250,000 in severance to one of the company’s corporate flight attendants after she filed a formal complaint against the tech billionaire, alleging he exposed himself to her and propositioned her for sex, according to Insider.

The unnamed flight attendant also claims that the millionaire stroked her leg and offered her presents, including a horse, in exchange for an intimate massage.

The story was based on declaration papers signed by a flight attendant’s buddy as part of the SpaceX complaint. The acquaintance also handed over other documents and communications.

‘The assaults on me should be seen through a political lens – this is their regular (despicable) script – but nothing will stop me from fighting for a better future and your right to free speech,’ Musk tweeted Thursday night.

‘And, for the record, those outlandish charges are incorrect,’ he finally tweeted in response to Cucumber Capital CEO Tara Bull.

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