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Meet three popular rappers who have expensive gold and diamond implants on their heads (See Photos)

Many people including celebrities and rappers alike adore and value gold and diamond products, and many men and women wear gold wristwatches, diamond earrings, or necklaces. However, some celebrities have gone so far as to implant these gleaming materials on specific parts of their bodies.

Three celebrities have had gold and diamond implants placed on their heads.

  1. Dan Sur

Dan Sur is a Mexican rapper whose photos recently went viral on the internet. The rapper claimed that he implanted gold hair beneath the skin of his skull. He also has gold teeth.

  1. Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert is an American rapper who has a diamond implanted on his forehead. Unfortunately for him, a fan ripped it off his brow at a concert, but he (Lil Uzi) is still in possession of the diamond. The rapper claims to have paid $24 million for the diamond.

  1. Sauce Walka

Sauce Walker is another rapper with diamond implants in his head. The American musician has a diamond attached to his face, specifically beneath one of his eyes. The diamond is worth around $250,000 and has been on his face since 2020.

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