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A man whose body had been severed in half by a forklift pleaded with medics to preserve him even if he was only ‘a head’ (photos)

A guy crushed by a forklift pleaded with surgeons and his family to keep him alive, even if he was only a ‘head on a plate.’

Loren Schauers, 20, of Great Falls, Montana, was working on a bridge in September 2019 when traffic caused him to move too close to the edge, causing him to plunge 50 feet below and the forklift to land on him, severing his forearm and crushing his lower body.

Doctors were compelled to conduct a hemicorperectomy on him when he arrived at the hospital, which meant everything below his waist was severed to save his life.

Healthcare professionals didn’t think Loren would survive the operation, so his family had to decide right then and there whether the physicians should rescue him by chopping him in half.

However, while the family was speaking with doctors, Lore’miraculously’ awoke and urged surgeons to conduct the life-saving surgery.

Loren has spent the last two years without his legs and right forearm.

Sabia Reiche, his loving wife of 23 years, assists him daily, and the two of them have a YouTube channel with over 500k subscribers where they film shared aspects of their lives.

Sabia talked about how she found out when physicians told Loren’s family that they would have to amputate everything below his belly button.

‘We were all like incredibly startled, and none of us knew how to react, and none of us knew how Loren would react because he’s an 18-year-old guy living life to the fullest,’ she told the Daily Star.

As a result, we worried that he wouldn’t want the surgery or that he’d rather die than lose half his body.

‘However, his sister battled tooth and nail to allow him to make that decision.’

Loren’s sexual organs were removed during surgery because his pelvis was crushed as well.

Loren’s mother, Sabia claimed, was power of attorney before the procedure and had to make a difficult decision.

‘She couldn’t decide whether to have the surgery and have him wake up hating her for it, or not have the surgery and have him die, making her feel like she killed her son,’ she continued.

‘So his sister battled hard for him to be taken off the breathing tube so he could make the decision.’They took him off it after a day or two of consultations and talks, and he woke up with a vague sense of what was going on.’

Loren knew something dreadful had occurred to his body when he awoke in the hospital.

‘You’ll lose the lower half of your body or die in surgery,’ said the surgeons.

‘I knew he wasn’t going anywhere from that moment because he looked them dead in the eye and told them he didn’t care if he was just ahead on a plate, they’re going to do the surgery and they’re going to keep him alive,’ Sabia continued.

‘That gave us a lot of hope, that he was a fighter, but we already knew that because he was still alive,’ says the narrator.

Sabia has been assisting Loren with a variety of tasks since the accident.

Sabia also slammed online critics who questioned the couple’s sex habits.

‘That is a very personal question to which we will never respond or allude because it is extremely insulting.’

‘You wouldn’t inquire about sex with a random couple on the street, and just because our lives are different doesn’t give anybody the right to inquire.’

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