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Almighty Abena Korkor Stirs More Trouble as She Drops New Video

Abena Korkor has once again taken social media by storm with a new video.

Abena Korkor posted the video to reveal the state of her love life at the moment, which she describes as “dry and uninteresting.” She wants some excitement in her love life, so she’s looking for a man who can give her a broken heart, according to her.

“I need someone to break my heart. I’m sleeping too much and too peaceful,” she said.

Korkor has been breaking hearts all over the country with her ever-changing list of men she’s slept with. Every time she opens her mouth, she breaks the hearts of the men she claims have slept with her and the women they are married to.

Korkor wants to experience what it’s like to be on the other side of a broken heart for a change.

Watch her video below…

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