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Arnold Schwarzenegger, now worth over $400 million, couldn’t even afford a banana as a kid — “Asked Him if I Could Have His Peel”

Many people find Arnold Schwarzenegger’s difficulties as a young Austrian to be inspirational. He overcame adversity to become a global superstar who is well-known all over the world. As a result, he serves as an inspiration to many people to get off their couches and get to work. Similarly, he related a story about how he overcame hunger and achieved prosperity.

Schwarzenegger became a real estate billionaire while also entering Hollywood after winning seven Mr. Olympia championships and five Mr. Universe crowns. But, given his poor beginnings in Austria, his road to success was challenging. He recounted the different struggles he faced in a social media post, and it is eye-opening.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has faced some adversity.
When it came to the finer points, he disclosed how destitute he was at first, unable to purchase clothes, food, or even water, as other people could. Due to a lack of funds, he wore his brother’s clothes, had to borrow meals, and did not travel. He did, however, recall one incident that made everyone’s heart melt. Arnold remembered taking a banana peel and eating the remains from it while he was sick with measles.

“My hospital roommate, who had wealthier parents than I, had eaten his banana and left the peel near his bed. “I’d never tried a banana in my life, so I figured I’d give it a go and asked him if I could have his peel,” Arnold explained.

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