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Nigerian Woman; “If your girlfriend takes down her p@nt and trouser at the same moment, just know e soak”

A Nigerian woman has turned to social media to inform males about the importance of feminine hygiene.

If her gender removes her underwear at the same time she removes her jeans, the underwear is unclean, according to the lady.

“If your girlfriend takes off her pant and jeans at the same moment, tell her her pant is soiled.” “I just want to make sure I keep you up to date,” she stated.

Take a look at the video below;

Following are some of the responses to the post:

Lucha penned

Not only that, but the pant may also tear.

Oduma stated:

Thank you for opening the secret of ladies.

Ojbase wrote;

How do you take to know, abi na wetin you dey do?

Ola wrote;

This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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