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‘I Cheated On Him’, This Is Why – Lilwin Ex-Wife Confesses

In a recent interview with Oheneba Media, Patricia Afriyie admitted to cheating on her husband Lilwin but justified her actions.

According to her, Lilwin cheated on her several times and failed to financially support her, leading her to seek fulfillment in these two areas elsewhere.

“I saw her [Sandra’s] n#de photos on Lil Win’s phone, that was when I believed the dating rumours.” she said.

Patricia also admitted to cheating on Lilwin while they were together. “I cheated on him because of hunger. I was starved. Ask him how many times he also cheated on me. I can mention all the girls he slept with,” she admitted.

“We went through a lot of challenges when I met him. There were times we had to drink ‘gari soakings’ before going to bed. People even tried to advise me against leaving him, but I didn’t because I had hopes that things would get better. I met him when he was an upcoming actor and a shoe seller,” she said.

She also revealed that she had a miscarriage at age 14, but had two kids a few years after that.

“I was 14 years when Lil Win and I started dating. I was in class 6 by then. I got pregnant at the age of 14, but I had a miscarriage. When I was about 15 or 16 years old, and at JHS 3, I became pregnant again and gave birth to my first child. Seven months later, I got pregnant with my second child,” she narrated.

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