Watch Jose Mourinho Struggle To Park The Van, As The Roma Manager Takes The Wheel For The Europa Conference League Triumph Parade.

Jose Mourinho is famous for his “park the bus” tactics on the pitch, but when it comes to actually driving a bus, he has no idea.

After leading Roma to the Europa Conference League title in midweek, Mourinho, 59, was at the center of the festivities.

Before Roma’s victory celebration, Jose Mourinho stepped behind the wheel of the bus.

The manager came dangerously close to colliding with a police escort vehicle.

As he was egged on by his Roma stars, Mourinho cheered and laughed.

The famed coach even got behind the wheel of the team’s open-top van for a tour of the Italian city.

Before the parade began, Mourinho was given a driving lesson, thankfully before any enthusiastic supporters arrived.

It’s safe to say that the former Chelsea and Manchester United manager should stay in the dugout.

Mourinho was in the driver’s seat, surrounded by his ecstatic Roma teammates.

And as he slammed on the brakes to avoid the police escort vehicle in front of him, he nearly CRASHED the bus.

Mourinho flung his hands in the air and was greeted with applause after successfully avoiding a collision.

He then labored mightily to park the car and hand it over to the genuine driver.

That is, if you can call stopping the bus in the middle of the road parking. Mourinho laughed as he hopped out of the driver’s seat.

One Roma backroom staff member, who was fortunate enough not to be on board the bus, appeared to be furious with Mourinho’s driving.

Mourinho has had a busy few days, with the charismatic manager crying after winning his fifth European trophy on Wednesday.

At full-time, he put out five fingers to remind the spectators of his numerous achievements in Europe.

After the team returned to Italy from Albania, Mourinho’s motorcycle was taken by his Roma teammates.

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