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Female University student whose n£ked video went viral online apologizes [Video]

The female Akwa Ibom State University student whose n£ked video made headlines a few weeks ago has issued an unequivocal apology on social media.

The student admitted that the video was taken a long time ago and that she had no idea what she was getting herself into when she let her then-boyfriend film their passionate kissing session.

She apologized and admitted that the video has had a negative effect on her.

She’s heard saying in the video;“ Good day everybody, I am making this video to apologize to my friends, family, especially Akwa Ibom State University, my school. I am very sorry for the trending video about me, everywhere on social media. I am very sorry.

“This video happened a long time ago and I could not believe that it’ll com out now to hunt me. I am so so sorry. Please forgive me for everything. This video is far from me. currently, I am begging you all, please forgive me and save my life. Help me, because I am passing through a lot, because of all this, mentally and otherwise, thank you very much”

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